Greif-akustika, s.r.o. - nezávislá společnost snižující hluk
"Noise is not reduced only by repeated measurements..."

Greif-akustika company performs noise measurement, noise modeling, acoustic studies. We manufacture noise silencers, sound barriers, noise enclosures and containers,     noise insulation, soundproof  door.
We carry out noise reduction measures. We provide   complex  services for general and energy industry in the field of noise reduction, from project to assembly. Consultancy and technical support is available on the web pages.

Greif-akustika, s.r.o.
A wide range of noise measurements in both exteriors and interiors and workplaces.
Vibration measurements in buildings and workplaces, machinery vibration diagnostics.
Acoustic studies
Comprehensive elaboration of acoustic studies and assessments for residential, commercial and industrial development in all stages of the building permit procedure.
Products and materials
A broad range of noise silencers, acoustic covers and screens, structural elements and acoustic materials for various uses.
Contacts and References
Our contact details and a list of our selected executions
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